Sen. Villanueva to push for ‘Endo bill’ when session starts in July

Senator Joel Villanueva vowed Friday to push for the passage of a bill seeking to eliminate the practice of “endo” by employers and guarantee security of tenure of workers, once the session starts in July.

The Senate committee on labor, employment, and human resources development finished the committee report on Senate Bill No. 1826 or the “Security of Tenure and End of Endo Act of 2018,” but 0was not tackled on the plenary level before the session adjourned.

Villanueva chairs the Senate panel.

The Senate prioritized the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law which it approved on third and final reading early Thursday, after hours of deliberation.

The Congress will commence its third session on July 23.

“We will sponsor this pagbalik, and we’re up for plenary debates. We are aware that this is a landmark piece of legislation so we will be ready and prepared to entertain different ideas and clarificatory questions,” Villanueva said in a text message to GMA News Online.

He expressed confidence that it will be enacted into law even if at this point, he said,  does not know yet how his colleagues would respond to the proposed measure.

“We will know during the plenary debates how our colleagues in the Senate will receive this important measure. And, yes, I’m confident that this measure that we worked so hard will pass this Congress. It’s about time. It’s been 20 plus years (since the Labor Code was passed).”

Once passed into law, the measure would remove the ambiguities in the Labor Code, which is the source of circumventions among employers. The proposed law also intends to:

  • prohibit labor-only contracting, and provide penalties for violation
  • limit job contracting to licensed and specialized services
  • classify workers into regular and probationary employees—and treat project and seasonal employees as regular employees
  • provide security of tenure
  • clarify standards on probationary employment
  • provide a “Transition Support Program” for employees while they are not at work or transitioning in between jobs

“Being caught in the cycle of intermittent ‘endo’ with no prospect of permanency derogates the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of workers, especially the right to security of tenure,” said Villanueva, principal author of the bill.

Endo or end of contract is the practice by employers of terminating contractual workers before the six months which, under the law, does not obligate them to regularize the employment status of employees.

In the process of producing the measure, Villanueva said they learned the conflicting and contrasting interests of the different stakeholders and the fact that these interests converge. (By Vic Sollorano, GMA News)


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